Murder, footpath, Oldfield Lane South near Farndale Crescent

I’ve walked past the end of this footpath so many times but have never used it. Two days ago an elderly woman was assaulted here as two men stole her handbag. She died in hospital yesterday morning so the incident is now regarded as murder. The police have launched an appeal for information. It won’t come as a surprise to learn that local residents, especially but not exclusively the elderly, are now frightened of using it at all, as the attack took place in daylight. There are things that might help make this a safer place, cutting back trees and hedges, removing litter as soon as it appears, CCTV. The footpath, which connects Oldfield Lane South with Goring Way, is not shown on maps. It has probably been in use since the 1930’s. Closing it off would mean a very long detour but it may be the price residents are prepared to pay for their own peace of mind. I am concerned that those would do us harm can have such a marked effect on our behaviour and choices, a cost far higher than any sum spent on preventing a similar incident. I wonder if those responsible for the death of a fragile pensioner still think it was worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Murder, footpath, Oldfield Lane South near Farndale Crescent

  1. i lived at 6A Goring Way from 1966 till i moved to Oldfield Lane South in 1985.
    i walked up this alley as did my young daughter everyday from shopping, visiting relatives, and friends , me from my job in Greenford Broadway or evenings out and visits to the Litten pub!. I argued with ex counsellor Sonika Nirwal and fought to have the overgrown vegetation cut regularly, but i do think as it grows out from the school grounds that they should maintain it! Through the Streetwatchers initiative i got the lighting replaced and the canopy of trees cut back.
    the worst part of this alleyway is the garage area as they are almost deserted and used as storage. most car owners want the convenience of a car outside in the road.
    it isn’t the alleway that requires attention , it’s the local low life. seems the kids are 14/15 years old who did this to the pensioner. i hope they spend life in jail.
    closing this alleyway will seriously inconvenience many residents. a walk around Ferrymead Avenue will be hardwork for people who like me had to carry shopping or push a trolley. ( the E10 bus didn’t run when i lived in Goring Way and i didn’t drive.
    Attacks happen anywhere nowadays did you see the CCTV footage today when a young woman on her way to college was polaxed from behind by a punch in the side of the face she went down already unconscious. !

    • I agree with your point that it’s not the place, it’s the people that are the problem. It seems there have been arrests but we can’t assume that they are the guilty parties until they’ve been questioned and tried. There are so many of these alleyways, some of them so overgrown they are almost impassable which might be part of the solution, they could act as green corridors to counteract the loss of front gardens. It could be harder than some people realise to shut off some of these alleyways if they follow old field boundaries and lanes that were there before 1930’s development. If anything we need to get more people using this path and there may be ways to encourage that.

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