Phone booth, Greenford Road

Making a phone call is so much easier today than it was when the old fashioned red boxes were first available. Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott they became British icons. Today virtually everyone has a mobile phone or a land line but there was a time when the average person relied on public phones for emergencies. I haven’t had to make a call from a booth like this one in years and wonder if anyone would be able to hear me properly if I did. The passing traffic must make communication from this one a challenge because it is open to the air. The problem with the older enclosed ones is that they were sometimes used for activities other than those intended. You couldn’t hide anything at this booth.

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2 thoughts on “Phone booth, Greenford Road

  1. very nice photo again,
    the people in the street would no doubt hear the person calling from this box as it would require the caller to shout over the traffic. at least a person using this box would be seen if they were to pee. unlike in the red boxes. i haven’t eveer used one of these booths, nor have i seen anyone use one.

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