Conker, Oldfield Lane North near Ockham Drive

The glossy brown seeds of the horse chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum) ripen at around the same time as the start of the autumn term. When I was a child the walk to and from school at this time of year often involved detours to find the largest conkers. They are actually poisonous to horses but deer can eat them. In the past they were used to make a kind of natural detergent and some people believe that the smell of fresh ones can deter spiders. This conker came from one of the large mature trees near the Wincanton depot that are beginning to show their autumn colour.

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3 thoughts on “Conker, Oldfield Lane North near Ockham Drive

  1. outside my house are all the mature horsechesnut trees of Oldfield Lane South, when i moved here 25 years ago the street was covered with crushed fallen chesnuts, now because of the horse chestnut leaf miner – Cameraria ohridella , the nuts aren’t so an 11year old i walked to coston secondary modern girls school and enjoyed seeing the fallen horsechesnuts,
    at primary school age i walked along Cuckoo Avenue to school, under the beautiful, imposing rows of Horsechesnuts trees .

  2. have a wander up Oldfield Lane South, you will see the devastation caused by this moth,i did hope and wonder if all the rain we had earlier this year had washed away the eggs of this moth, and for a long while the leaves looked good, now, i see the leaves are showing signs of the moth invasion. if you come up this way pop in to see me., email me.

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