Condensation trails, Greenford Road

The sky was filled with condensation trails today, a reminder of the proximity of Heathrow Airport. For years the proposal to build a new, third runway there has blighted properties close to it but it could also be a problem for Greenford. Many residents believe that an increase in trade and tourism does not justify the negative environmental impact of many more flights. The state of the UK’s transport infrastructure is often in the news and sometimes it seems that every decision made by the government with regard to it affects Greenford directly, from the building of the flyover in the late 1970’s to HS2 to a third runway at Heathrow. The projects that represent progress to others can seem like a nightmare to those who have to live with the results.

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2 thoughts on “Condensation trails, Greenford Road

  1. lovely up there in the sky but again its polution, the changes in and around Greenford over many years are accepted at the time , like the flyover on the A40, replaced the roundabout, now the traffic had increased and the chaos is obvious when the jams happen. this was not thought of when the flyover was built, it was a way of bypassing junctions and pushing traffic along over local traffic lights. now we have flats planned for a sleepy corner of a major road where the red lion pub is,.imagine the future chaos there. it isnt just the pub footprint the garden is huge, so it will be a big housing estate! more polution………. another nail in Greenford’s future.

    • Part of the problem is that many residents, even those who have lived in Greenford for decades, don’t get involved when offered the chance to comment on planning applications. At the same time they complain that the area is changing for the worse. I’ve been quite surprised how keen those dealing with Greenford Square and William Perkin School have been to get the local community to comment on what they are doing. Big infrastructure projects like the flyover and HS2 tend to be inflicted on communities, the consultations seem to be pointless because objections are ignored. The Red Lion development does worry me because It will mean a considerable increase in the number of people living of that area – if they manage to sell those properties – who could all be car owners. Where are they all going to park? How will the area cope with the massive increase in water usage? Will local people be able to afford them? I think it’s quite ironic that so much housing is being planned for Greenford when increasingly expensive local public transport often struggles to cope already. No wonder people drive everywhere.

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