Flytipping, footpath between Rothesay Avenue and Hadden Way

This is what greets anyone planning to use the footpath at the moment. What makes this sight even more shocking is that it is right next to a play area. Any parent would have a hard time getting to it from the northern end because there is a rain sodden mattress and divan blocking it. Old clothes, CDs, broken glass and other household detritus are scattered along the rest of it. This mess isn’t down to the council – the grass within the play area had been trimmed and I’ll think of the shoulder high brambles and nettles as a green corridor. I’m prepared to believe that most of the people living in the vicinity aren’t in any way responsible for it either. This is down to a small minority of Greenford residents who are too lazy to use the services and facilities provided to get rid of their junk. I can almost guarantee that those responsible wouldn’t dream of letting their children play somewhere like this and that their homes and gardens are immaculate.

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2 thoughts on “Flytipping, footpath between Rothesay Avenue and Hadden Way

  1. greenford green war members don’t care they don’t turn up at ward meeting in Jason Stacey days and before members turned up and where heard issues dealt with people had a voice of the community

    • With respect, in Jason Stacey’s time as a ward councillor there were fewer residents living in buy-to-let properties who were just passing through. Long term residents are getting older and it can be a struggle to get to a meeting. In my case I’m still at work when they’re on. There are many more ways of raising awareness about local issues than attending ward meetings. I’ve had a lot of contact with the local paper over the last five years and the reporters covering Greenford used to tell me how hard it was to get any stories about Greenford. My own experience has taught me that local residents have concerns but they seem to fear being thought of as show offs if they speak up. Some have certainly taken that attitude to me.

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