Flooding, Rockware Avenue

This was taken during a brief respite between downpours. Weeks of dry weather have been followed by sudden heavy rain and the drains cannot cope. The situation has been exacerbated by a significant increase in run off. This is likely to have been caused by the paving over of so many front gardens in the area, as well as “garden grabbing” where homes have been extended (sometimes without planning permission) across back gardens. All that water has to go somewhere.

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5 thoughts on “Flooding, Rockware Avenue

  1. Spring … it is indeed a time for reflection ….

  2. A time to chase reflection … not a time to delight in the misfortune of others. I’m liking the reflection you caught. Good schtuff!

  3. Well we seem to need the water, with all the drought warnings. But they seem to miss most of it when it falls and then let it leak out when it comes through the pipes!

    • Yes, it’s something that really winds me up! I think the estimate is as high as 25% which is absolutely shocking. I am very keen to see water saving technology in all new building developments and can’t understand why it isn’t already compulsory. I suppose the argument will always be cost but until it happens I can only see things getting worse in the UK. Apparently it’s common for rainwater to collected and used communally on gardens in France and Belgium. Even the Victorians collected rainwater for household use! Why can’t we do that now?!

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