Tesco supermarket, Greenford Road

The people visiting this branch of Tesco probably have no idea that forty-seven years ago today the Rolling Stones played a gig in this building. This was once the Granada cinema and on the 16th of March 1965 one of Britain’s best known bands shared the bill with The HolliesThe Konrads, Goldie and the GingerbreadsDave Berry and the Cruisers and the Checkmates (there were two US bands with this name at the time and I can’t work out which one played that night). The compere was Johnny Ball who went on to become a household name in the UK.

This building is a real survivor, it was hit during a raid in 1940 which left the auditorium exposed. During its time as a cinema there were two retail outlets at the front on the left and the entrance was in the same place as the present one but with steps leading up to it.

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2 thoughts on “Tesco supermarket, Greenford Road

  1. Rosemary on said:

    I was there that night I remember it well…..my friend ripped all the buttons off my blouse – nightmare !! A really fab night !!!

    • Did you know that Tesco are going to knock down the former Greenford Granada? A lot of people are under the impression that the building is listed and therefore protected but this is not the case. They are planning to redevelop the whole site as soon as they are able to afford it. I think this is disgraceful and they should be forced to incorporate the cinema shell into the new building. This really needs to be raised urgently with other Greenford residents and anyone with an interest in modern music history. As usual anything that makes Greenford interesting and worth visiting is being knocked down.

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